Taiwan Has Reformed Immigration Law, Open Arms to Foreign Talent to Stay and Work 台灣修正移民法,提升移民人權,吸引高階人才定居工作台灣

On May 30, Taiwan’s parliament passed the Immigration Law Reform. This is the most significant change since the immigration law was implemented more than 24 years ago, with a total of 63 amendments.
According to the Immigration Department of the Ministry of the Interior, the 4 key points of this amendment are as follows

1. Attracting high-value talents to come to Taiwan and easing stay and residence regulations

In order to attract outstanding foreign talents to come and stay in Taiwan, the current requirement for foreigners to obtain permanent residency is more than 183 days per year, which will be relaxed to an “average” of 183 days or more per year over the past five years. This change may benefit white-collar workers who cannot stay in Taiwan for long periods of time due to irregular business travel. In addition, as for the person with special contribution to our country, senior professionals, first prize winners in various professional fields, and investment immigration applicants, their spouses, children under the age of 18, and children with disabilities are also included in the application for permanent residence.
In addition, in order to simplify the procedures for foreigners who wish to apply for a residence permit after entering the country on a visa-free or residence visa, the amendment has been relaxed and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not required to change the application. For a residence visa, they may apply directly to the Immigration Department for an Alien Residence Card, and the same applies to spouses and children. In order to allow foreigners coming to Taiwan to have enough time to find a place to live and familiarize themselves with the environment, the time limit for foreigners who have obtained a residence permit to apply for an alien residence permit after entering the country has been extended from 15 days to 30 days.
In addition, in order to encourage overseas nationals to return to Taiwan, unattached nationals without household registration who enter the country with Taiwan passports will be exempted from applying for entry permits, and those who have legally resided in the country for more than 5 years instead of the current 7 years and those who reside for more than 183 days per year can apply for residence permits.  In addition, the age limit for children born overseas to Taiwanese citizens who enter the country with Taiwanese passports will be abolished.

2. Strengthening the Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants and Ensuring the Right to Family Reunification

In order to protect the family reunification rights of married immigrants and the best interests of children, foreign spouses who are widowed or foreign spouses who have been legally resident, have custody of minor children in my country, or meet and communicate with each other, can enter the country with a residence visa.

3. Strengthening the security management of the flow of people, adding punishment patterns and revising the containment regulations.


4. Lawyers operate immigration business, adding that lawyers can be appointed to be present during the process of forced deportation or interviews.



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